General rules of civility

  • Treat others as you wish to be treated

  • Criticize ideas not those who hold them

  • Bring you best self

  • Forgive as you hope to be forgiven

The Chatham House Rule

  • All can draw on what they learn here

    You are free to create whatever you wish from our shared wisdom

  • No attribution

    Views picked up here may not be attributed publicly to any person by name. This protects us all from being cited out of context.

Risk Assumption

  • You assume the risk of being harmed by words and/or ideas

    Words can wound. Ideas can shatter conceptual frameworks. Differences of opinion can be experienced as trauma.

  • You assume the risk that someone here will cite you out of context in violation of our shared understandings

    It is always possible you will be "held accountable" via a screenshot or other such breach of our shared understandings.

  • You assume the risk that someone will borrow or steal your ideas without attribution

    In fact, that is what The Chatham House Rule encourages