Who should bring this program to their community?

Here are several profiles. Do you fit any of these?

  • You are a nonprofit fundraiser who wants to get allied advisors on your team

  • You want to boost philanthropy across your community

  • You are an advisor who wants to help nonprofits succeed with closely held business owning donors in transition from success to significance

  • You are an advisory firm who wishes to empower your advisors to succeed at legacy planning

Facilitator's role

  • Silent Phase

    Early on see if you can get commitments from a few leading advisors. Others will commit when they see the leaders have.

  • Decide whom to invite

    Seek at least one JD, one financial advisor, a CPA, and possibly an insurance agent who does work with closely held business owners. CAPs are likely to be your best prospects, and may have the most to contribute.

  • Invite

    Set time and date for meetings. Highlight the benefits. Make a personal appeal. Send potential participants to the online sign up page for this course.

  • Challenge

    Challenge participants to use the course concepts with at least one donor or client during the 30 Day Legacy Action Challenge. Let's all step up to the plate! Let's learn from what works for each other and our clients and donors.

Who should be invited to take this course

  • Nonprofit gift planners wishing to capitalize on the legacy wealth wave

  • Advisors seeking to provide legacy planning to high capacity clients, particularly those with closely held businesses

  • CAPs who wish to put their learning to work

Learning objectives

By the end of this action challenge you should be able to

  • Conduct a 55 minute discovery/agreement interview with high capacity clients in transition from success to significance

  • Write a one page memo summarizing the discovery agreement and closing for next steps, including formation of an appropriate team

  • Form a team locally to help clients touch all the bases in their legacy plan

  • Use proven materials from Mark Weber's A Spectrum of Legacies to help the client advance around the bases

  • Generate new business and new gifts by teaming up across our disciplines

  • Make a significant contribution to your community by helping your clients and donors hit their legacy home run

How this course is delivered

And your time commitment

  • One hour each week of recorded content from Phil Cubeta

  • One hour of facilitated conversation locally

  • A short knowledge check at the end of each assignment

  • An hour of consultation with Phil Cubeta, supported by a workbook

Course Modules

What is included


Phil Cubeta, CLU, CHFC, MSFS, AEP, CAP

Founder | Philanthropy Offerings

My original training was in Philosophy, Psychology, and Literature. After a career in financial services, I served for twelve years as The Wallace Chair in Philanthropy at The American College of Financial Services, responsible for the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP) designation. Now, I have the freedom to learn and teach philanthropy with kindred spirits, by invitation, and through private courses and conversations.

Bring this program to your home team

We are now working with select Facilitators to bring this program to local communities, nonprofits, companies and associations. If you are interested in bringing the program to your home team, please email me.


Once we have talked, I will give you a coupon code